Third Trimester Recap

We made it! Today is my official due date and I’m hoping that Baby P soon. The third trimester definitely felt like the longest trimester. The first few weeks were great and I was still continuing on the same high as I was during my second trimester, but the last month moved an excruciatingly slow pace. Add in all the aches and pains of gaining most of my baby weight and well…let’s just say I didn’t appreciate the second trimester as much as I should have.

Overall my pregnancy was smooth, healthy, and I didn’t experience a lot of the sickness that many expecting moms do so I can’t complain too much! In the end all that matters is getting Baby P out safely into the world!


Endless nesting + grumpiness + excitement. A 3-month long emotional rollercoaster. I did my best to try not to think too much about when Baby P would come out and to just enjoy the last few weeks of pregnancy — the last few weeks of this special time for Baby P and me to bond! But it was hard not to let excitement get the best of me… and then unfortunately I often let that excitement turn into grumpiness about why I wasn’t already in labor (even if I was still weeks or days away from my due date).


I’ve forgotten what it’s like to not be pregnant. I felt huge and can’t believe that in the early days of my pregnancy I thought I had a bump.

This was not a bump.

This was still not a bump.

THIS is a freaking bump, y’all.

Third trimester Recap - Details from my third and final trimester of pregnancy

39 weeks + 6 days. Picking up the soon to be grandparents at the airport in Hong Kong.







And it is getting cramped in there.

Baby P felt like he was taking up my entire torso and was really packing on the pounds which added to my back and pelvic pain. I recommended a chiropractor and many other tips for those experiencing back pain during pregnancy here and I have to say the chiro was a life saver — especially as Baby P  started to descend lower into my pelvis.

I gained most of my weight during weeks 34-38 and I was a bit surprised at how quickly I put on weight during that month or so. From weeks 38-40 though, I hardly gained any weight at all. Baby getting bigger = less room for food.

I went through a phase during the third trimester where I was exhausted and slept for 10+ hours every night. Unfortunately during the last few weeks, I wasn’t able to get as much sleep because I was getting more uncomfortable at night and maybe had more on my mind.


Hong Kong summer was in full swing during my third trimester and heat + crazy humidity + weight gain meant even short walks had me really sweaty and tired. I did almost no hiking and just walking to the grocery or to the MTR started to become an endeavor. I still tried to walk a little bit every day and to do yoga at least 2-3 times a week.

I signed up for oneOeight which streams online yoga classes and they have several prenatal options. I’m really excited to try out more of the classes when I’m ready after giving birth. When I was feeling stronger during the early weeks of the third trimester, I could do some of the more intense/active prenatal classes, but as I neared the end of the third trimester, it was great having some gentler, shorter classes available.

I also did about 20-30 minutes of pelvic tilts and pelvic exercises every day (at 5-10 min intervals throughout the day)



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    OMG you’re so cute! You don’t look 39+ weeks pregnant! You don’t look pregnant at all except that you’ve stolen a watermelon, lol.

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