Cayucos California

Cayucos is a beautiful small town along California’s central coast. In the summertime it’s picturesque — colorful beachside homes, cold blue waves with kids in wetsuits learning to surf, and most importantly, delicious seaside dining (more on that later). It’s one of those towns where everyone knows everyone and even with the tourists coming to visit for summer holidays it manages to keep its local charm.

We’re so lucky that we are able to visit Cayucos every year to visit Peter’s granny and while we took a few snaps during our most recent visit, the best photos we had this year were our engagement photos taken by the talented Ken Kienow.

Aside from frolicking along the beach, Peter and I also ate tons. There are a few must-eat restaurants and a few hidden gems that I have to recommend.

Ruddell’s Smokehouse
101 D St

Ruddell’s is known for their amazing slow cooked smoked fish tacos and sandwiches. We opt for tacos of course and pick them up as we are walking down to the beach. 

Cayucos Gas Mini Mart
198 N Ocean Ave

So I know what some of you are thinking– did she just recommend a gas station restaurant to us? Yes I did friends and for good reason. Although this hole in the wall is connected to a local gas station, the kitchen whips up amazing and massive tacos and burritos at great prices (try the al pastor). Trust me– if you ask any of the Cayucos locals where to grab a casual bite to eat they’ll tell you to come here.

Taco Temple
2680 Main St, Morro Bay

I caught a whiff of this amazing California Mexican restaurant from the grocery next door and knew I wanted to give it a try. There is an all you can eat chips and salsa bar (something I miss dearly now that I am in Hong Kong) and a selection of huge burritos and tacos. I had a single taco and it was the size of my entire plate. Peter had a burrito that was the size of my head. We enjoyed the food and the fun atmosphere in the restaurant.

Cayucos, California

Even the wine servings were huge

Sea Shanty
296 S Ocean Ave

You can’t go to Cayucos California without having a meal at the Sea Shanty. Between Peter and I we’ve probably tried everything on the menu and it’s all delicious. The portions are huge so I usually don’t have room for dessert, but do try to save room for some of their amazing pies.

Brown Butter Cookie Company
 98 N Ocean Ave

They may not be the cheapest cookies in town, but they are worth the price. Pop in for a sample and you’ll see what I mean. These are some damn good cookies. We brought back several dozen with us to Hong Kong. My favorites are the original and the honey cookies.

A Deli and Pieman Pies
12 N Ocean Ave #121

The pie man an obscenely tempting selection of homemade pies. Pick up a whole pie or sit outside and enjoy a large slice or one of their delectable hand pies. 

Crill’s Saltwater Taffy
1247 Embarcadero, Morro Bay

Located just a quick drive from Cayucos, Peter and I can never resist their vast selection of saltwater taffy. Many shops along the coast now import their taffy — but Crill’s is an exception and makes their taffy fresh. We usually pick up a couple of ice cream cones (they sell ice cream, chocolates and other sweets too), and 2 bags of taffy — one that we know will be gone immediately and one that we tell ourselves we’ll share with our friends back home later.




  1. Michelle Hancock says:

    Great list and awesome glass of wine! I miss California and can’t wait to visit again. It’s so pretty and the weather is amazing!

  2. Carol says:

    Great description of Cayucos and the eateries. Your photos are fabulous. Of course it doesn’t hurt that the two of you are so cute! xo

  3. Mum says:

    Ok, so that you don’t miss this place next time around, you will want to go to The Brickhouse for their fantastic tri tip sandwiches. The address is : 939 Main Street, Morro Bay

    • Pristine Remolona says:

      Yes! I told Peter I want to try that place. I remember last time we went we drove around Morro Bay quite a bit and couldn’t find it for some reason. Good we have the actual address now

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