Refugee Recipe Series – Coming Soon

Soon I’ll be sharing very special dishes from the participants of RUN as part of a new series on Refugee Recipes.


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At RUN we support refugees and asylum seekers from 18 different countries. Each with their own culture and history. Part of the beauty of RUN is how our programmes bring these cultures together as one community. Food plays a significant role in that. Whether it’s through our weekly lunches after our women’s only Hiking to Heal programme or at a movie night for International Women’s Day or during our annual trail race, food helps RUN to connect as a community and with the local Hong Kong community too.
For refugees who have fled their homes, familiar foods are even more important. Many have family recipes which have been passed down for generations between grandmothers, aunts, sisters, mothers, and children. However they are often not written down and just learned through hours of helping and practicing in the kitchen.
It is no secret that food can invoke a lot of memories, comfort, and joy. I hope by helping the RUN refugees to document their family recipes, they can share and strengthen their connections to their cultures and despite having to flee their homes, they can now have another tangible piece of their history to carry with them as they rebuild their lives, wherever that may be.