Infant Carry On Packing List

With 7 flights under his belt before the age of 3 months, Patriot is a seasoned baby traveler. This carry on packing list for baby is a list of all my must haves for flying with a baby. When flying I usually carry Pate in a wrap (I find this more comfortable than a soft, structured carrier such as the Ergo) and just a single diaper bag on my back. I check in his carseat when we arrive at the airport and check in his stroller at the gate.

Flying with Infant Carry On Packing List - What to bring and what to leave behind when packing for a flight with your baby

At the airport for my first solo flight with Patriot – a long haul trip to the US!

Traveling with just one bag for myself and for baby makes it so much easier to maneuver around the airport and on the plane, but I know flying with an infant can be more than a little intimidating.

Before Patriot was born I knew I wanted to travel with him even as a baby. After Patriot was born, I was terrified of baby’s first flight. How would he react? What would happen? I read tons of tips for flying with a newborn beforehand, but I’m so glad that we had already booked baby’s first trip before he was born so that I couldn’t chicken out.

Patriot’s first flight was at 6 weeks old. It was a short haul flight but flying with a baby turned out to be easier than I had imagined. After that first plane ride with the baby (read more on our trip to Malaysia), Patriot had a second trip already planned. This time I would be flying long haul with baby in my lap and without my husband, Peter. During all of these trips, this baby flight packing list has been a lifesaver!

Flying with Infant – Carry on Packing List

For Baby

  1. Disposable changing pads – For when you encounter a particularly yucky changing table or worse– no table at all (yes Patriot has been changed on top of an airplane toilet seat before!)
  2. Diapers – We do cloth diapers at home, but use disposables during travel. Bring 1 diaper for every 1.5 hours of travel time.
  3. Baby wipes
  4. Vaccination records/medical information – Especially if you are traveling overseas!
  5. Medicines – Baby Tylenol, any prescription medicines baby requires, and Manzanilla oil for gas
  6. Sling/carrier/wrap – Your baby wearing method of choice! I prefer a wrap or sling for flights because I’m not as comfortable sitting with Patriot in my soft structured carrier. Make sure with whichever method you choose, there is no metal involved (i.e. metal ring on a ring sling) so that you can keep baby strapped to you when you go through security.
  7. Pacifier – If your baby likes using a pacifier, bring 2!
  8. Pacifier clip
  9. Lightweight blanket – A soft muslin blanket that smells like home will bring comfort to your little one, can block out light during naps, a breastfeeding cover up, or a blanket to keep baby (or yourself) warm.
  10. Wet bag – Because nobody wants clothes that have been peed on, free floating in their bag
  11. Change of clothes for baby – On a long haul flight, we usually have Patriot in his pjs already and then pack an extra set. For short haul, we just pack an extra outfit.
  12. Toys – I usually bring 2 small toys
  13. Bedtime Items- I bring 1 bedtime story and his massage oil/lotion so we can go through his bedtime routine on the plane. The lotion serves a dual purpose since my skin gets super dry on flights too.

For Mom/Dad

  1. Passports/IDs/copy of baby birth certificate (if needed)/letter from baby’s other parent permitting travel with only one parent (some international flights require this)
  2. Face cream and hand sanitizer
  3. Antibacterial wipes – To wipe down the tray table and arm rests
  4. Phone charger
  5. Pillow – I use a neck pillow that doubles as a breastfeeding pillow
  6. Water bottle
  7. Change of shirt
  8. Eye cover – In case I can manage a few hours of sleep while baby sleeps
  9. Headphones
  10. Laptop

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Flying with Infant Carry On Packing List - What to bring and what to leave behind when packing for a flight with your baby

What are your carry on must haves for flying with a baby?