Newborn Photos

In Texas, my sister, Gabby Malcuit, is a talented newborn and maternity photographer. Remember these beautiful maternity photos she took? Unfortunately she couldn’t be in Hong Kong with us to take Patriot’s newborn photos, so I was scouring the internet looking for a local photographer.

There are so many options for photographers in Hong Kong, but ultimately Peter and I decided to work with Claire Woodrow of Claire Woodrow Photography. All of the incredible photographs in this post are courtesy of Claire. We are thrilled with how the 200+ photos turned out (these 60+ are just my favorites) and we are so thankful for how patient and flexible Claire was the morning of the shoot.

Peter’s parents had very generously booked us a staycation at the lovely Cordis Hotel in Mong Kok so not only did we get to relax in a lush king size bed, but we had the perfect setting for the photoshoot.

Most mornings, Patriot is a pretty sleepy babe, so before Claire arrived we warmed up the hotel room and I started feeding him with the hopes that he would fall right to sleep for the next couple of hours like he usually did. On this particularly morning however, we got about 1 hour or so of solid, perfect, poseable newborn sleep before he woke up. Claire was supposed to do a 3 hour photoshoot with us which would allow for plenty of time for feeding and diaper changes, but Patriot spent the next 2 hours, resisting sleep and wanting to feed endlessly.

The warm room + Patriot’s cluster feeding + the stress of wanting to get the photos done = one flustered mama. Luckily, we were able to get a late check out for our room and Claire was very understanding. She stayed an entire extra hour to make sure we got all of the photos we wanted. I was so thankful!

The photos were taken when Patriot was only 10 days old. It seems like he changes and grows every single day. His tiny, skinny, wrinkly little body is now more plump and active (though he still has those hairy shoulders…). His sweet face has gone from a swollen newborn fresh out of the womb to a fresh, sleepy newborn, and now to our chunky monkey with a growing double chin.

I’m so happy we have this unique period in Patriot’s life captured. It’s a reminder to me to shamelessly take photos each week– time goes by too quickly and I don’t want to forget these special times!