Babymoon in Japan

Babymoon in Japan - The top reasons why you should travel to Japan before the arrival of your baby and tips for planning your trip

Babymoons have become a big travel trend with soon-to-be-parents embarking on a final holiday (or two) before baby arrives. Beaches are a popular pick and it’s easy to see why – reclining on the beach with a coconut in hand or feeling weightless floating in the salty ocean? Count me in.

Peter and I love going to the beach, but I’ve also been wanting to save our overseas beach holidays for when Baby P arrives and I’m really needing that extra relaxation and more importantly– when I can scuba dive again.

So for my babymoon, we decided on an urban trip and babymoon in Japan. While Japan may not be the first destination that comes into mind when planning a babymoon, there are a number of reasons it should be!

Babymoon in Japan


The food. My goodness, the food. Amongst all my travels in Asia, I have to admit, the food in Japan is my favorite. There’s so much variety – crispy fried tonkatsu, ramen, yakitori, tempura, gyoza, okonomiyaki, and amazing sweet desserts. The list goes on and on (Tokyo dining recommendations coming soon!). Even if you’re skipping the sushi (which oops, I didn’t) you’ll find the most amazing cuisine in Japan.


Even major cities like Tokyo or Osaka are incredibly clean. You’ll easily find spotless bathrooms whenever you need them (which, for most pregnant ladies, is going to be often!) and can enjoy the famed, luxurious Japanese style toilets (Read: The Cult of the Toto Toilet). You’ll be able to relax while traveling, knowing you won’t have to carefully squat with a growing belly over a mysterious hole in the ground (as you often may find yourself doing when exploring other Asian countries).


Kimono style onesies are growing in popularity because of how easy they make it to dress or change baby. What better place to purchase a set than in Japan? In addition to onesies and pjs Japan is known for selling incredibly soft towels – perfect for bathing baby. Tokyo itself is a shopping haven and you’ll find plenty of shops selling high quality baby goods and gifts that make the perfect souvenirs to remember bump’s Japanese travels and to satisfy your prenatal nesting habits.

Stay Active

Most expecting moms choose to travel during their second trimester after the first trimester’s extreme fatigue and nausea has (hopefully) disappeared. Staying active is an important part of pregnancy and strolling the streets of Tokyo or another beautiful Japanese city is the perfect way to get some exercise and keep your energy levels up in between your scrumptious meals. Leave the beachside lazing for later in your pregnancy or after birth when tiredness starts to creep its way back into your life.

Babymoon in Japan - The top reasons why you should travel to Japan before the arrival of your baby and tips for planning your trip