Second Trimester Recap

Weeeeee! We’ve made it to the last leg of this journey. It feels great knowing that Baby P will be here in just 3 more months.

The second trimester flew by. I’m sure by the time I’m nearing week 40, I’ll be more than ready to get this baby out of me, but for now I’ve been enjoying pregnancy and all the excitement.

Second Trimester Recap - A summary of weeks 13-27 of pregnancy covering mood, body, cravings, exercises, and prep for Baby P #secondtrimester #pregnancy #prenatal

Second Trimester Recap


My mood was a mix. I’m sure Peter will tell you I was nothing but an absolute pleasure during the ~4 months of my second trimester…but I could definitely feel that my mood and my mind were a bit off. Baby brain was in full swing and my memory became noticeably worse, but I tried not to let it bother me too much.

I really enjoyed pregnancy during the second trimester compared to the first trimester. I had some anxiety pop up during the first trimester — What is happening to my body? What is this thing inside me? What is married life going to be like after this?

But all of those thoughts cleared away and left behind lots of excitement about what’s to come. I remember relaxing during a prenatal massage and tearing up a bit (hey, pregnant ladies are emotional) thinking about how special it is that right now Baby P and I are bonding so much. I love feeling him kick and move and I love that most of the time, it’s just me getting to enjoy that weird, uncomfortable, thrilling kick to the stomach.


Looking back at the bump photos Peter and I took at the beginning of my second trimester makes me laugh. I thought I was huge and I was so excited that I made Peter take my photo every week. Now we’ve forgotten about our weekly photoshoots (though we should start this up again!) and when I look at the photos of me in those early weeks, I can’t see anything resembling a bump. There’s definitely nothing close to the bump I’m sporting nowadays. It’s undeniable and scores me a seat on the MTR every time I ride. Winning.

I was having a lot of body anxiety during the first trimester, but during the second trimester I tried to embrace the weight gain and all the other odd and unexpected things that happened to my body. My prenatal acne and my nausea cleared up in the early weeks of the second trimester (yay!), but I was feeling more and more physically uncomfortable.

Starting in the second trimester I experienced a lot of pelvic and back pain. I’ll do a longer post about this later, but there was a point where I couldn’t walk for a few days because I was in so much pain. Luckily I hobbled over to an amazing chiropractor that worked miracles for me!


When a pregnant lady walks into a donut shop…#dontholdmeback ????

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None really. I still loved carbs and sugar and sugary carbs, but for the most part I was eating and loving the same things I did pre-pregnancy. Locals in Hong Kong did seem to cringe when they saw me chowing down on super spicy dishes loaded with hot sauce or chilis, but I didn’t have any issues with food.


Although I had more energy in the second trimester than the first, I felt like my fitness slowed down and I want to pick it up again in the third trimester. I was doing yoga and Ballet Beautiful – Ballet Baby exercises, along with hiking and swimming.


Full blown nesting hit the Lampard household. I was (and continue to be) obsessed with organizing and cleaning our little apartment in anticipation of Baby P’s arrival. After an incredible baby shower in Texas (more on that coming soon!) we have most of baby’s necessities and now we just need to finish setting up our apartment and trying to find a place for everything.

We can’t wait for you to arrive, Baby P!