Oomph! Bars

Oomph! Bars - Plant based healthy snack bars perfect for moms to be!

I’ve been sharing a lot about my pregnancy eating and snacking habits on New Kid on the Wok, and while I haven’t had any major cravings, I do find myself snacking more and more as my second trimester progresses. The worst feeling is when I’m out running errands or on my way to the office and I start getting a bit lightheaded in between meals. Now I always need a supply of snacks and water in my bag so I was thrilled when I had the opportunity to try the bars from Oomph!

Oomph! is a new brand of all natural, plant-based snack bars that have made their way to Hong Kong. They’re perfect for busy, active professionals, (especially ones that are expecting).

Oomph! bars have no preservatives, no additives, no artificial colors and are non GMO. The plant based bars do have a delicious combo of superfoods giving you a boost of protein, fiber, iron and calcium– all of which are musts for soon-to-be-mamas.

The trail bars are low in sugar, but still perfect for a sweet tooth and since the recipes were created with the help of an award-winning Executive Pastry Chef, it’s no surprise they beat out top brands like Nature Valley, Kellogg’s, and LARABAR in blind taste tests.

I’ve definitely been indulging in unhealthy snacks throughout my pregnancy but I’m so excited to partner with Oomph! so I can keep up my energy throughout the day, guilt-free without caffeine or tons of sugar.

They shared a box of their Plant Protein Mix Trail Bars with me and I’ve been enjoying them after swimming sessions during the week.

Oomph! Bars - Plant based healthy snack bars perfect for moms to be!

They’re also perfect for those mornings when I can’t quite roll out of bed on time (which seems to be more and more often these days) and need a quick breakfast on the go.

I can’t wait to pack them with me on my next hiking or camping trip with Peter and you can be sure I’ll have a few packed in my carry on for my upcoming flight to the US.

If you’re based in Hong Kong, you can purchase Oomph! bars online for less than the price of your daily Starbucks.

What are your favorite go-to snacks? Share yours in the comments below.

This is a sponsored blog post, but all opinions are my own.