Year 27 and Baby News

This week I celebrated my 27th birthday! I’ve been pretty focused on trying to stay comfortable and maintain brain power for the past few weeks so Baby P was more on my mind than my birthday.

I was still excited to kick off some early birthday celebrations with a weekend of beachside hiking and camping with Peter followed by a motorcycle ride to another lovely Hong Kong beach for my actual Valentines Day and Birthday dinner.

Pete also turned his design studio into a floral design studio for the afternoon and put together a beautiful bouquet for me with the help of a co-worker– (living/working near the Prince Edward flower market has been one of my favorite things about our new neighborhood!)

Baby news Baby news

Baby News

But the most exciting news of the week is that Baby P is a boy! We had our ultrasound last week to confirm the sex and now I can start planning and visualizing what’s to come a bit more.

When we went in for our 20-week ultrasound, I was anxious and excited to finally find out who exactly was growing in my belly and the doctor knew we wanted to find out the sex (errrr in addition to making sure our baby was healthy and growing of course…). I had been reading online about how sometimes the technician or doctor really has to spend some time getting the baby in to the right position or “looking” for the right parts to say if its a boy or a girl. In our case, the doctor started the ultrasound and almost immediately froze the screen for us to see— welp. It’s a boy!

Baby news

Not the money shot, but this little nugget is a BOY

Peter and I are so excited and love referring to the baby as “he” or by the name we’ve picked rather than just “it.” 27 is going to be a great year!

PS – Name reveal coming soon!