What’s Happening – Akilah Institute for Women

Last month I happily made a trip to Rwanda to work and soak up some of the excitement while the World Economic Forum on Africa was being held in Kigali. While it was a bit hectic traveling literally days before Peter’s and my wedding, it was well worth it for the crazy and productive time with my colleagues in East Africa and to do more exploring in Kigali.

Now that you’re more up to date on what’s happening at AkilahNet, let me catch you up on news from the Akilah Institute for Women.

Want to read more about my work with AkilahNet and the Akilah Institute? Check out my blog post here.

1. We have a new sign!

And we’re ready to welcome students, staff and visitors in style

News, updates and career opportunities at the Akilah Institute for Women, Rwanda's only women's college

2. We’re Geeking Out

Akilah Institute for Women 1st year student Faridah Umutoni is transforming access to healthcare for Rwandans, and she’s only 20 years old. Read about her journey to the final round of this year’s Ms Geek competition, and how she plans to develop her big idea to help millions of Rwandans.” (Read More)

News, updates and career opportunities at the Akilah Institute for Women, Rwanda's only women's college

3. We’re Growing

Our team is excited to announce Rick Daniels is joining us as Akilah’s Chief Academic Officer!
News, updates and career opportunities at the Akilah Institute for Women, Rwanda's only women's college

Rick spent his birthday in Kigali and I joined him on a trip to a nearby neighborhood where he generously brought a backpack full of tennis balls for the kids — they had no idea what they were but they loved them!

Rick has served as a member of the Board of Directors since 2010, focused mainly on building and strengthening our HM program, given his 20+ years experience in both academics and hospitality.  Read all about how Rick found Akilah here.
Rick comes to us from Johnson & Wales University, where he has spent more than 2 decades teaching, leading Admissions processes and making one of the globe’s best hospitality/event management/guest experience programs around.
We have another new member of the Akilah family– Asher! Asher is the new son of Akilah alumna and now beloved librarian, Ernestine. I can’t wait to see him again in August and see how much he has grown!
News, updates and career opportunities at the Akilah Institute for Women, Rwanda's only women's college

4. We’re Supporting East African Women

It was a huge honor for Rwanda to host the World Economic Forum on Africa but it comes as no surprise given Rwanda’s amazing transformation of the past decade. As the first women’s university in the region, I think we can definitely agree that the Akilah Institute is one of Rwanda’s Top 12 Accomplishments. (Read More from the Top 12 list here)

5. We’re HIRING

We’re looking for extraordinary new team members!

Director of Careers and Alumni Affairs (Rwanda based)

The Akilah Director of Careers and Alumnae Affairs (DCAA) will play a critical role in serving as the bridge to students’ future career paths by proactively engaging the Rwanda private sector and building relevant partnerships for internship and employment opportunities. The ideal candidate will have a strategic mind, think critically, be a capable and results-oriented manager of a “pavement pounding” team, and obsessed with social networking and relationship management.  This is a job where the details matter, and will require a personal investment by the Director to ensure relationships are properly catalogued and maintained. S/he must be extremely deft at identifying value propositions for why new industries and companies should hire Akilah graduates. S/he must also work effectively with academic and communications departments to ensure messaging is laser-focused and consistent. (Read More)

Director of Capital and Growth (New York based)

We are seeking an experienced, multi-talented development professional or private sector leader to direct our growing development team for the Akilah Institute for Women during a period of rapid transformation and expansion.

You will be responsible for developing a diversified fundraising plan as our annual budget grows from $2.5 million in 2015 to over $5 million in 2017/18. You will also allow us to scale our education model and open campuses throughout East Africa through strategic impact and philanthropic investments. At least 80% of your time will be devoted to growing the Institute’s portfolio of donors and investors.

AkilahNet is also expanding and meeting with employers in Kenya and Uganda. Our platform will open to members in those countries this summer and you will support the opening of a $900,000 seed round of funding to support this growth.

As part of the organization’s Executive Team, you will increase our revenue stream through a creative and innovative fundraising strategy. You will leverage our existing base of influential individuals, family foundations, investors and corporate and institutional partners. You will also identify new funding relationships in order to meet our ambitious goals of enhanced visibility, financial growth, and stability.  (Read More)