New Kid’s Got a Rock

Apologies for the cheesy title but I’M ENGAGED

I have a gorgeous sparkly rock on my finger and I am so excited to share this happy time with all of you.

Vietnam destination proposal

Peter and I spent last week on holiday in Vietnam (more photos and recipes to come). We spent a few days in Hanoi followed by another couple of days in Hue. Our next stop was Hoi An which is about a 3 hour drive from Hue. We decided to extend the drive a bit and took a motorcycle tour with Hue Rider that took us through the Vietnamese countryside and to some beautiful sites before we finished in Hoi An.

Our guide hopped on one motorcycle and I hopped on the back of Peter’s and off we went. About 3/4 of the journey through we were driving through the Hải Vân Pass, a beautiful mountain pass on Vietnam’s 1A. We had just been attacked by a herd of goat that was running and grazing down the mountainside (GoPro video later) when we made it up to the top of the pass.

There had been a beautiful lookout point a bit back down the mountain and Peter asked our guide if we could turn back and take another look to have a photo. We set up the GoPro and handed our guide a camera to take a nice photo of us. None of this seemed odd to me since we love to video our vacations and our guide had been taking photos of us the entire ride.

After our guide took the first photo, Peter took a look at the camera and said he wanted just one more. Then he reached in to my purse that I had set down on a ledge and took out a ring box and said he wanted to do “this” first.

“What’s this?” I asked. I was thoroughly confused and shocked at this moment because not only did he pull something out of my purse that I had no idea was there and had apparently been carrying around all day, but he pulled out the maroon box that our Aggie rings normally come in.

What was going on?

He quickly walked up to me and opened the box, “The Association of Former Students” was written inside.

More confusion.

Then I looked below that and saw a diamond glimmering back at me (turns out the box the ring came in was a bit too large to be inconspicuous in my purse).

Vietnam destination proposal

It’s all a bit of a blur after that (good thing we have a video!) and I was just in shock the entire time. I really had no idea the proposal was going to happen on our vacation and couldn’t believe what was happening.

Peter was down on one knee and so nervous, I thought he might forget to end his proposal with, “Will you marry me?”

Vietnam destination proposal

It turns out Peter had been planning this destination proposal moment for months. Last Christmas he asked my parents for permission to marry me and then in January he started working with Shahina at Bespoke Fine Jewelry to select the perfect diamond and design my engagement ring. The ring finally arrived at his office about 2 weeks before we left for Vietnam.

He said he was so ready to propose and hated keeping the secret of it from me that every day he’d open the ring box and tell his two business partners, Abdul and Norman– I’M JUST GOING TO DO IT TODAY WHEN I GET HOME. Luckily they convinced him to wait for the special moment on our trip as he had planned.

Before we left for the motorcycle ride, Peter had told our guide that he was going to propose to me on the ride, but wanted to find the perfect stop along the way to pop the question. Peter said our guide would make eye contact with him at every stop and subtly asked if this was the stop (again, I wasn’t paying any attention) until finally Peter decided on the beautiful view from the Hải Vân Pass.

Vietnam destination proposal

Celebratory Dirty Martinis in Hoi An

Peter and I are both so excited about our engagement and getting married. All of our friends and family have been incredibly supportive and happy for us and I couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful family to be joining. His parents have been like my own since I moved to Hong Kong and now we can make it official and join our two families together.



  1. Jennifer S. says:

    Congratulations!!! That is an awesome proposal story! You;re gonna make a gorgeous bride and I can’t wait to read about the wedding plans 🙂

  2. Christina Williams Routon says:

    Such great news and a beautiful spot! And you have a video as well! Best wishes to you both!

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