The Peak of Hong Kong

When I first arrived in Hong Kong last January, it was my third time here. And yet somehow during all my previous visits I had missed what may well be Hong Kong’s biggest tourist attraction– The Peak.

Check out the spectacular and famous views from The Peak of Hong Kong

A few weeks ago Peter and I were spending our Sunday at the beach at South Bay when we decided to make the trip up Victoria Peak. Now granted Sunday is far from an ideal day to stop by many spots in Hong Kong because of the massive crowds, but since this was my first visit and I had no idea what to expect, I was well up for the adventure.

Back in the day, Victoria Peak, or what is simply known as “The Peak” was the ideal building spot for westerners to take advantage of the high altitude and escape Hong Kong’s summer heat.

Check out the spectacular and famous views from The Peak of Hong Kong

sedan chairs used to be the only way up to The Peak (Source:

Today The Peak is still famous for outrageously expensive homes and spectacular views of Hong Kong.

There are a few ways to make your way up to Victoria Peak to take in the views, but lucky for me I had Pete as my personal driver to the top.

Once we arrived it was definitely a lot different than what I expected. I had always heard of people hiking up to The Peak so I expected it to be much less developed than it was. But although I was surprised that The Peak was dominated with a shopping mall and restaurants, I guess I shouldn’t have been.

Check out the spectacular and famous views from The Peak of Hong Kong

With Peter

After all, this is Hong Kong. Hiking, dining, and shopping are the lifeblood of the city.

Peter and I made our way to a viewing deck to look over the harbor and even with all the tourists crowding around, it was an impressive site.

It’s hard to believe sometimes that this place is my home now!

Check out the spectacular and famous views from The Peak of Hong Kong

Although I imagine that big red house there in the middle has been in thousands of tourists’ photos, the view from The Peak still manages to capture a bit of what I love about Hong Kong– a vast metropolitan surrounded by a lush landscape.

The best of both worlds.

Where are some of your favorite city views?


  • I love the view and the red building. Must be awesome to live in that building! My favourite city view is in Tromso, Northern Norway, where you can look down on the city from a surrounding mountain. Absolutely gorgeous!

    • Sounds beautiful! I’ll have to google for a picture of the view

  • Beautiful views of Hong Kong, very jealous!
    My first boyfriend grew up there and I’m a little bit gutted I didn’t milk that harder, it’s still on my ‘to visit’ list.
    M x

    • Hong Kong is awesome! Put it on your travel list

  • That view is breathtaking! Visiting Hong Kong is on my bucket list

    • I love Hong Kong! Always happy to recommend it to people for travels

  • Really enjoyed reading this! What great weather you had!
    Stop by and say hi!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  • Peter

    I think I might trade in my bike for one of those sedan chairs; looks preeetty comfy

    • You’d be carrying ME in the sedan chair, obviously!

  • Wow! I plan to visit here in the summer but had no idea it was so developed either! I thought it was just a mountain! I really need to do more reading about Hong Kong

    • Let me know if you need any tips or advice while planning your trip. Definitely still worth making a trip to The Peak even if it is more developed– you can’t beat the view

  • Your post brings back so many fab memories. Hong Kong is undoubtedly one of my favourite cities and I have only been there once.