Mon Jam

About 45 minutes outside of Chiang Mai’s city centre, Mon Jam offers gorgeous views and cool air year round. In the morning you literally find yourself in the clouds as the fog surrounding the mountain rolls all around you.

Mon Jam - A beautiful mountain view just outside Chiang Mai, Thailand

Mon Jam is not too far from the Mae Sa Waterfalls and a few other popular activities in the Mae Rim area so it was definitely going to be a stop during my whirlwind trip to Chiang Mai. My visit to Mon Jam was in the afternoon so although we missed the fog, the sky was blue and sunny and offered views over the mountain’s landscape.

Mon Jam - A beautiful mountain view just outside Chiang Mai, Thailand

The road leading up to Mon Jam was a windy uphill path with stands selling strawberries freshly picked in the area and women selling woven purses and intricately stitched dresses. Once at the top, I could feel the distinct difference in the air- crisp and cool compared to the blazing heat back in Chiang Mai.

There were huge fields growing vegetables as part of the Royal Project, which originally began as a way to promote legal crops and agriculture to combat deforestation, poverty, and opium production.

Mon Jam - A beautiful mountain view just outside Chiang Mai, Thailand

Lining the mountainside were thatched open air huts for visitors to take in the beautiful scenery, relax, and picnic. There was a small, breezy restaurant on site that serves refreshments and dishes cooked with fresh produce from the Royal Project.

Mon Jam - A beautiful mountain view just outside Chiang Mai, Thailand

Naturally I chose a sweet, yummy strawberry shake, snagged a hut and enjoyed the respite from the 90F/32C heat back in the city.

Mon Jam - A beautiful mountain view just outside Chiang Mai, Thailand Mon Jam - A beautiful mountain view just outside Chiang Mai, Thailand

Although I admit there’s only so long I can sit still and “chill” even with a gorgeous view. I’m much more of an activity girl I’d say. Or at the very least I needed a book to read. Before long, I was antsy to get myself back down the mountain to see more sites and take more photographs.

  • Those huts look like a great place to enjoy a picnic. I am with you though I can only sit still for so long before I want to get out and explore.

    • Glad I’m not the only one who likes to be out and about doing activities!

  • That looks like a great place to see and what a wonderful spot to stop at to refresh before taking more photos! Thank you for linking up with us for Travel Tuesday!

    • It was really nice to get a break from the heat too! Always happy to link up

  • Such a beautiful place to explore and take photos!

    • It had a great view and I’m glad we made the trip. Thanks for stopping by and reading!

  • This looks like such a wonderful place to be. I am good with just sitting and looking, but would be so keen to see more, I would want to go exploring too.

    Great post!

    • Yes I think that if I had all the time in the world I wouldn’t mind sitting for a while, but when on vacation there’s often so much to see and do

  • Beautiful photos Pristine! I honestly felt like I was right there with you when I was reading this. Love that.

    What kind of camera do you use?

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    • Thank you! I use the Sony NEX 3N and I love it.

  • What an incredible view! Since you’ve lived so many different place, what place do you like the most so far?

    • Hmmm that’s a tough one. I loved Scotland, but I think that Hong Kong will end up being my favorite– it’s so easy to travel around Asia with Hong Kong as your base

  • A friend and I were just talking about visiting Thailand the other day. She really wants to go, but I told her I’m not sure if I’m brave enough for a trip like that.

    • If you’re both smart and not reckless, a lot of women travel in pairs or groups in Thailand and throughout Southeast Asia without any problems. I’ve even met women who are traveling solo in Thailand. I loved Thailand and I’m excited to do more traveling in the area so I’d definitely encourage you to. If you’ve never been to Asia before just do your research and you’ll love it!

  • Love that view – looks like an excellent spot to take a break, even if just for a little while 🙂

    • It never hurts to relax and take in some clean, clear air!

  • great photos! do you know what kind of flowers those are?

    • Thanks! I’m not sure. They seemed to just be wildflowers growing in the fields!

  • Liesbeth

    Lovely pictures! I’m hoping to visit Mon Jam from Chiang Mai, too. Just trying to figure out how to get up there 🙂 Did you rent a car, or did you go with a group?