Skiing in Verbier

Is it too soon for a throwback to Verbier? Probably a little. But although I have only been in Hong Kong for about 2 weeks, it feels like I have been here for ages already. So many activities.It took a bit of time to get settled, get over jet lag and get used to being in Asia again. After 6 months of so in Europe, it was definitely a culture shock arriving in Hong Kong.

Aside from culture, I’ve had to adjust to a big weather change too. From freezing temperatures in the Swiss Alps to shorts & t-shirt weather in Southeast Asia (although a lot of people were still wearing winter clothes when I was in shorts). From endless pillows of snow to warm sandy beaches.

And from fresh, crisp Swiss mountain air to well (to put it nicely) not fresh, crisp Swiss mountain air.

Mont Fort Skiing in Verbier, Switzerland - Swiss Alps Skiing in Verbier, Switzerland - Swiss Alps - Mont Fort

So with Sochi 2014 around the corner and after officially getting my first sunburn of the year (and hopefully my last) from laying out on the beach this weekend (and realizing that no, my body hasn’t really seen sun since July) life in Verbier does feel far away enough for a Throwback Thursday.

Skiing in Verbier, Switzerland - Swiss Alps

There’s obviously a lot I still miss about Verbier and skiing in Verbier is one of those things. It’s a shame that I wasn’t able to stay longer since I was improving, but I definitely feel more confident in my ski abilities (even after the wee ski mishap) and look forward to going on a ski trip and getting more lessons in the future. Especially since I now own my own pair of skis.

Skiing in Verbier, Switzerland - Swiss Alps

my skis on the left

I never wanted to be one of those people who said things like “fresh pow pow” and for the record I NEVER DID. But oh man when there was fresh snow on the slopes, it did feel great.

Skiing in Verbier, Switzerland - Swiss Alps

I loved how easy it was to walk from our flat in Le Chable down to the lift station and ride all the way up to Verbier even if just to ski for an hour or two.

Skiing in Verbier, Switzerland - Swiss Alps Skiing in Verbier, Switzerland - Swiss Alps

Not every day was an ideal day to ski, but I am grateful that I had the experience of living in a ski town and have the option to ski nearly every day if I wanted to. When will I ever get to do that again? (NEVER)

Skiing in Verbier, Switzerland - Swiss Alps

Not a great day for visibility

Skiing in Verbier, Switzerland - Swiss Alps

A cloudy afternoon

But for this season it’s goodbye to snowfall and skiing. Bring on the summer & sunshine.

Skiing in Verbier, Switzerland - Swiss Alps

Do you ski or snowboard? Where are your favorite places for a winter holiday?

  • Verbier looks so beautiful! I have gone snowboarding once and it was not the most successful trip but my boyfriend loves it so I am sure I will be giving it a try again soon.

    • Definitely try again soon. It takes practice!

  • Okay… you’re just makin’ us sick here in Texas! I’m having to suck up some extra grace this morning! Do you think next time maybe you could shove me in your carry-on? Have a wonderful time and be safe!

    • Thank you! I’m a very lucky girl to do all this traveling 🙂

  • I’m glad you never said stuff like that, lol. I do think it would be really fun to take the kids somewhere with real snow next winter.

  • It’s a perfect TBT since it snowed in Houston this morning haha! Well I still love Crested Butte Colorado but man St Anton was a blast! I have zero desire to snowboard as I like to feel in control as much as possible, plus I still feel like a bit of a beginner when it comes to skiing. Congrats on your new skis!!!

    • Glad you had a great time in St Anton. I’d love to do more skiing in Europe!

  • Looks like you had loads of fun while you were there. Here’s to new adventures.

    • Thans, Aleshea! It was a great time and I’m excited for my adventures ahead