Travel Tuesday- Hong Kong

While I was studying at A&M I spent a summer working as an intern for BBVA in Hong Kong.

The trip was my first time flying overseas solo. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to live (for free!) & work (oh also for free…) abroad.

I lived with my Uncle Eli and Auntie Marie who basically became my adopted parents in Hong Kong and worked in the iconic IFC (International Finance Center) aka the 8th tallest office building in the world.

IFC hong kong

Lunch time views from the office

Although I had visited Hong Kong once before, living there took a lot of adjustment. And I had never worked a full time job before either, let alone in another country.

I remember the anxiety of being shuffled around in all the city crowds without a single “excuse me” or “sorry” and being hit on by a guy who also wouldn’t even shake my hand upon meeting because he had “just washed his.”

Oh I was not in sweet home College Station anymore was I?

10,000 buddha Big Buddha

But eventually I got used to things. I realized these were just cultural differences that I had to understand so I could get to know people. Nobody was trying to be rude (well for the most part).

In fact, I got quite used to being able to hustle through the streets and walkways or being able to walk up an escalator in a hurry because people were neatly lined up on the right side of the escalator.

big buddha big buddha

I definitely got used to being in a concrete jungle set beautifully in contrast with green mountain views and a blue sea.

loved Hong Kong which is why I’m excited to share that I’m heading back to Hong Kong this month. I’ll be there in time to ring in Chinese New Year, visit Uncle Eli & Auntie Marie and to do more traveling.

hong kong jade market

I’m a more seasoned traveler this time around so I’m excited to see how different my trip to Hong Kong is this time around.

How do you handle adjusting to cultural differences when traveling? Have you visited Hong Kong or southeast Asia?

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  • I have been to several continents but not Asia…yet. 🙂 What an amazing life you lead! 🙂

    • Thank you so much! I’m very lucky to be able to see so much of the world while I’m young

  • The idea of having a full time job in another country has always seemed so intimidating! Kudos to you for jumping into it.

    • Working abroad can be challenging, but I loved it!

  • I LOVE the photos – you have sparked my wanderlust spirit. Definitely going to add Asia to my list of places to visit.

    • Asia is amazing! And can be quite affordable for longer travels. Highly recommend. Can’t wait to share more photos with y’all soon

  • Pristine, I would LOVE to visit Hong Kong someday and your photos are just making me want to pack my bags even more 🙂 For me, I think I just try to be as flexible as possible when traveling to new places with new cultural customs (even in different US states!). It helps me from getting stressed out and allows me to enjoy the whole experience.

    • Now that I’m a bit older, I think new cultures are easier to adjust to. I agree that you have to be flexible to enjoy yourself! Hong Kong is wonderful. Put it on your travel bucket list!

  • danniellek

    I’d like to visit asia at some point, from everything everyone says its a world away from everywhere else I’ve traveled.

    • It is definitely a far cry from Europe or the UK, but it’s amazing! You would love it

  • We just came from Hong Kong over Xmas and Mr.HEA could never live there he says. The concrete jungle gets to him unfortunately. I still think the shopping there is fab and would visit as much as I can. Hope you enjoy the trip!

    • Any tips for my Hong Kong travels? It is a concrete jungle, but it’s so easy to get away from the city life that I think it makes for a great place to enjoy the city and nature.

  • I am so jealous! Your pictures look so beautiful and I cant imagine traveling even outside of Texas but I hope to one day

    • I love traveling around the world but there is actually so much that I still want to see and do in Texas and the US!

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