A Mull Sunset

Here it is, y’all. As promised…the highly anticipated…Mull sunset.


I hope it doesn’t disappoint.

It was such a wondrous sight to see that the photos turned out nearly as brilliant with my iPhone as they did with the DSLR.


At night on Mull it is pitch dark. You know how you turn of the lights in a room and slowly, but surely your eyes adjust and you can still see somewhat? Not here.

Having spent most of my life in developed and populated cityscapes, it was startling my first night in Mull when I turned off the bedroom lights and couldn’t see a single thing.


There’s no adjusting your eyes to the low light. Because there’s no streetlights outside or office buildings lighting up the skyline.

Nope. After this sunset falls, there’s just the moon and a curtain of stars in the darkness.


But hey, if this sunset isn’t the perfect finale before the end of the day’s show, then I don’t know what is.


Have you seen a sunset that rivals Mull’s? Share your sunset photos with us!



  • Tori

    Stoppppp, Pristine, this is gorgeous!! I want to make it my desktop background picture. Beautiful!!

    • Eeep, thank you so much Tori!

  • Wow! I’d definitely say it doesn’t disappoint! Absolutely beautiful 🙂 The whole trip looks/sounds like it was a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing – great way to start a Monday!

    • Glad you enjoyed the photos. It was a lovely trip!

  • That is a seriously beautiful sunset! And I can’t even imagine how dark it must get there. It’s been a long time since I’ve been anywhere without tons of streetlights or city glow 🙂

    • It has been a while for me too! It really caught me off guard. Glad you enjoy the sunset pictures!

  • Wow that sunset is amazing!!

    • Really is the best I’ve seen! Happy that you enjoyed it as well

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