What’s the story in Tobermory?

A few weeks ago I made the 3- hour drive from Edinburgh to catch the ferry in Oban.

It still amazes me that in 3 hours you can basically drive to the opposite coast of Scotland. You can’t even get to Dallas from Houston in that time. And trust me, the scenery is much better on a drive here than on I-45N.

Ain't nothing to see here (courtesy of Google Maps)

Ain’t nothing to see here (courtesy of Google Maps)

The ferry from Oban to Craignure was predominantly filled with happy retirees which I usually find to be true about the tourists throughout Scotland. Windbreaker, khakis, walking shoes, white hair.


Hey, I’m not judging them though.

It’s just a damn shame that you young people aren’t making the most of this beautiful country.


the port in Oban

Your loss.

Although I can see how the idea of a sunny beach in Ibiza could be more convincing than 283 days of rainfall a year on the Isle of Mull.


But when we arrived from the ferry port, there was nothing but sunshine in store for us. For 4. Whole. Days. Eeep!

We spent our first day on Mull in Tobermory where apparently the BBC children’s show Balamory was filmed.


It’s also home to a local whisky distillery, named after the town so naturally we popped over for a wee whisky tasting.


We had a few drams, including the Tobermory 10 and the Ledaig 10. I found that all the whiskies tasted quite peat-y compared to your average malt (What is peat?). But my favorite was definitely the Tobermory 15. Though we ended up going home with a bottle of the Tobermory 10 to share over the weekend.


this lady knew her stuff!

this lady knew her stuff!

And what a lovely weekend it was! Coming up I have lots more photos of mountains towering over beautiful blue waters, the Mull rally, and oh my gosh, you won’t believe the Mull sunset. So please stay tuned!